Many Thanks:

In building this page and my cabinet, I'd like to thank the following people...

Tim Eckel and the Arcade@Home site: This site is what started the whole project. Despite how busy he is, Tim answered many of my early questions, and his site served as the gateway for me getting a lot of my information. I may as well make his site my home page, as I visit it just about every time I'm online.

Happ Controls - No matter how stupid my question may have been, or how many times I asked, Happ always got back to me quickly. I can't say enough about the service these guys provided.

Hagstrom Electronics - Another of the great vendors I dealt with during this project. They too were gracious in answering my questions about getting their equipment up and running.

Mom & Dad - (sorry, no website for them :) For providing all those quarters when I was a kid, causing me to become the game addict that I am today.

Omar, Kenny, Paul, Sally, Dave (both of 'em), Annie, Charlotte, Steve, Rich and anyone else who had to listen to my constant yammering during this project. Thanks for your patience guys!

Tripod Web Hosting - For providing me with the space to post this site.

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