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Here's a rear view of the machine from mid way through the construction process. Things to note: The slot that the control panel wiring comes through (right beneath the monitor shelf) is not one solid piece with a opening cut in it. The bottom is the end of the cabinet front (that's one reason why the longer end is the top end) and the top is an attachment leading from the monitor shelf down (covers the space between the top of the control panel and the bottom of the monitor shelf.). The large black object on the right is the bezel before I cut it to size. The small shelf that the cable comes through is the PC shelf (The notebook is placed in here) and the brackets sticking out are used to hold a wooden bar that would prevent the notebook from falling out if the machine is jarred violently. If it seems a little narrow, that's because it is. One of these days I'll move one of the brackets and drop it about another 4". The LP24 keyboard encoder was not yet installed when this picture was taken.

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