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O.K., This one needs a little explanation. You're looking at the inside of the marquee as viewed through the top door from above the machine. The white on the left is the marquee graphic, the black on the right is where the top door hinges. The 2 Altec Lansing speakers (2 white squares at top and bottom of picture) are directly over the speaker holes and are mounted on strips of Velcro (one at the bottom of each speaker, one at the top). The gray attachment in the middle is the sensor for the wireless keyboard. It is basically held in place by the fit of the wood and it's own shape. The Electrical tape you see around it is used to keep the marquee light from streaming through any open space from the hole it sits in. This was not done on the speakers because you get a really nice lighting effect at night due to the way the light streams through the speaker grills and onto the control panel.

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