Welcome to NYLatenite's Top 12 Websites.

Last Update: February 1, 2000


#1 The Onion
#2 Arcade@Home
#3 Yahoo!
#4 Google!
#5 The Bunnies Strike Back
#6 Humor.com
#7 Dreamcast.net
#8 Snowcraft
#9 The Sea Monkey Worship Page
#10 Message Mates
#11 Shockwave.com
#12 The Dead People Server

                                                                           Site Descriptions

#1.) The Onion - www.theonion.com - Without a doubt the best online newspaper available. Sure, none of it is true, but it's damn funny. Big thanks to KennyK  for introducing this one to me.

#2.) Arcade@Home - www.arcadeathome.com - The best emulation site out there. News on emulators, front-ends, home arcades, message boards, and chat rooms can all be found here. A must for the classic gamer.

#3.) Yahoo! - www.yahoo.com - Hey, face it, you need a start page for your browser and Yahoo! is the best one I've found. A great search engine, free E-Mail, online auctions, chat rooms and more make Yahoo! the place to be.

#4.) Google - www.google.com - The newest of the search engines. This one seems exceptionally good at finding things that the others miss, and without the old, dead links, or the glut of commercial sites listing themselves endlessly. Give it a shot. Update: I love this search engine. Everytime I stump Yahoo, It finds exactly what I'm looking for.

#5.) The Bunnies Strike Back - http://marks.networktel.net/   - This site and it's sister site at http://www.pcola.gulf.net/~irving/bunnies/ show just what a marshmallow bunny or peep (you know, those little sugary guys you see around Easter) can take. All sorts of experiments were performed here and the results are shown in graphic detail. Oh the humanity of it all! :)

#6.) Humor.com - www.humor.com - Need a good laugh? Humor.com is just the place to go. This site features an interface that allows you to pick what kind of joke you're looking for, and will display a list.

#7.) Dreamcast.net - www.dreamcast.net - Without a doubt the best Dreamcast site on the internet. Kudos got to STIX, atari & Grendel for also hosting the best DC forum on the net.

#8.) Snowcraft - www.won.net/channels/quickgames/snowcraft/ - WON.Net is now hosting a cool online game called Snowcraft. Surf on in and relive those childhood snowball fights.

#9.) The Sea Monkey Worship Page - http://users.universe.com/~sbarclay/seamonk.htm Surely you owned these little guys when you were a kid, and maybe you even believed that they would look and act as advertised. At this site you can learn anything you ever wanted to know about them.

#10.) MessageMates - http://stuart.messagemates.com/index.html Need an animated greeting card? then go to Message Mates and find one for just the right occasion.

#11.) Shockwave.com - www.shockwave.com - The feature site for Macromedia Shockwave. Not only can you find the best examples of shockwave content on the net, but you can now play arcade classics developed in Shockwave.

#12.) The Dead People Server - http://www.city-net.com/~lmann/dps/ - Ever been hanging around, talking with friends, and no one can remember if a certain celebrity has kicked the bucket yet? Check this site and end the confusion.

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