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1.) Please check the FAQ section and other relevant parts of the site before sending in mail. I like answering questions, but not if it's already covered here. Seeing how there isn't much information on the site at the moment, feel free to fire off whatever questions you may have. Also, if it's covered, but not well documented, or you still have questions, feel free to send some e-mail.

2.) I'll get back to you as soon as possible (Even if it's just to say "I have no idea how to do that."), just give me some time, I have no idea how much mail will come in, and I'm often offline for a few days at a time. I do have to have a life, you know :)

3.) Don't solicit me to buy anything. I won't do it, nope, absolutely not.

4.) If you've found a cool site you would like to share with the world, send it along, maybe I'll even list it in what's new. If you want credit, let me know how to list you, I'd hate to get you inundated with unwanted mail. Also, please realize that I've been all over the net, so I, or someone else may have sent the same link in. Don't feel hurt if you sent in a wildly popular site and then I credited someone else for it.

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