Aerowings - Sega Dreamcast - Crave - Simulation -1 Player

nfl2k.jpg (38956 bytes)

Graphics: ****

Sound: **

Control: *****

Gameplay: ***

Replay Value: **

Overall Rating :**1/2

        Aerowings is without a doubt the most realistic flight game to ever hit the home console market. Everything the armchair pilot could have hoped for is here, the ability to move flaps, ailerons, rudders, speed brakes, etc..., a realistic flight model, Incredibly detailed aircraft and scenery. There's just one glaring omission, Air Combat. That's right, much like Microsoft's famous Flight Simulator series, Aerowings does not include combat, The closest you'll get are the Air Attack Missions, which are time trials in which you must fly through checkpoints. The game focuses on moving up through the ranks of Japan's Blue Impulse squadron (Much like our Blue Angels). The graphics are incredible in close ups, but at close range they seem to become clutter making it hard to follow the action, and in long distance shots there is some noticeable draw in problems. In the end, Aerowings becomes somewhat dull after you clear most of the levels and is going to appeal to only a very small market, but it shows what we may be able to expect from future sims on Dreamcast and that's an exciting concept. Now if only someone would realize that the keyboard will be perfect for these games.

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