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O.K. gang, welcome to the new console section. While there's not much except a few review here now, I'll be branching out the section soon. Here's some info on how the review system works: Games are rated in 6 categories; Graphics (which are system based, so a game that looks great on Playstation won't be slammed because it's not at Dreamcast levels) Sound (Covering both music and effects), Control (How well the controls of the game  are laid out and how well they respond), Gameplay (How well all the elements of the game come together), Replay Value (How much use the game will see after a few weeks) and finally, the Overall Rating which gives my final take on the game (and is not mathematically related to the previous 5, because a game doesn't need great graphics or sound to be a true classic!)

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                         Classic Cartridge Lists

                                   More systems coming soon!