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NYLatenite's Gamer's Paradise News Archives
Tuesday, 9 January 2007

As promised, the gang over at Epic Games will be making two new Gears of War multiplayer maps available for free via the Xbox Live Marketplace. The maps, "Raven Down" and "Old Bones" will be hitting the marketplace on January 10th and are being sponsored by The Discovery Channel. Let's hear what Gamerscore Blog has to say about them;

"New downloadable content for the Xbox 360 exclusive “Gears of War", is on the way. Sponsored by the Discovery Channel and available for free via Xbox Live Marketplace, the new content will be available for download beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 10. By now most of the current maps have been memorized, analyzed and brutalized, but this map pack will feature two new maps including one where players fight around a downed King Raven helicopter.
  • Raven Down: A Raven Helicopter has gone down in the middle of a large scale battle with the omnipresent Locust Horde.  Gears have taken out the Seeder and gamers join Delta Forces moving into the crash site from all angles to search for survivors.
  • Old Bones: In an attempt to eradicate any traces of human history and culture, the Locust Horde has emerged under Sera’s Capitaline Museums and has begun to destroy them brick by brick. Each gamer’s mission is to help the Delta Force recapture the museums before all remnants of humankind’s existence are obliterated.

Discovery Channel will be giving away an unprecedented 2 million Microsoft Points for use on Xbox Live Marketplace, in celebration of the Jan. 15 season premier of its popular “Future Weapons” series that explores the latest, most advanced and terrifying weapons technology that will dominate battlefields in the 21st century. Visit to learn more about how you can participate" - Gamerscore Blog

While I'll admit I haven't played Gears online anywhere near as much as I'd like to, I'm certainly never one to turn my back on free stuff. For more information on the new maps, click here to head on over to Gamerscore Blog for all the details.

Posted by nylatenite at 1:24 AM EST

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