As promised, I've taken some pictures of all the swag you can get by picking up the Gears of War collector's edition game and strategy guide, but because of page load concerns and possible bandwidth issues, I'm going to make the pictures a page of their own rather than force you to see them whether you want to or not.

Those interested in seeing what you get for that extra $10 on both items should click here to head over to this Gears of War special feature. The rest of you may now continue surfing the news as usual.

Since you're reading this sentence, it means you've come to the special feature page, so let me explain how it works. Below you'll see some small images along with some text explaining just what exactly it is you're looking at. If you want to see a larger picture, click on the image itself to be taken to the full sized version of the image. Simple enough, right?


Here in the first picture we see the 2 collector's items next to a few of the bonus preorder items. I'll explain why I'm showing you the preorder items in a moment.



Next, we have the packaging for the collector's edition of Gears of War. The game comes with a clear plastic slip cover, much like the one included with the Halo 2 collector's edition, a beautiful tin box that holds everything, the standard instruction manual, the "Destroyed Beauty" hardcover art booklet, the game disc, a bonus content disc with several "making of" type featurettes, a flimsy paper and plastic holder for both discs and a card for a free trial of Xbox Live Gold.



The image below is of the collector's edition packaging (right) next to a preorder box (left) that came from a retailer. The reason I'm showing you this is because I personally hate the flimsy paper/plastic disc holder that comes with the collector's edition because I feel it increases the chances of damaging the disc every time you try to take it out. On the other hand, that preorder box is perfect for storing your Gears of War game disc (and manual).

If you're looking for that preorder disc, you can probably find it on Ebay along with the t-shirt it came with (pictured above) for around $10. (The price may be a bit higher right now because of the hype surrounding the game's release)



Normally, I don't even bother with strategy guides because if you get stuck, Gamefaqs will probably be just as helpful and won't cost you a nickel. Unfortunately for my wallet, someone at Microsoft or Brady Games must have realized that, as they made a collector's edition strategy guide set that not only includes a nicer version of the regular strategy guide, but also includes a bonus art book. Yup, at this point I think I'll buy just about anything with the Gears logo on it.

Our first picture is simply of the outside of the strategy guide packaging. It opens on the right side and opens to display both books.

Here's what the packaging looks like when opened. On the left side you have the bonus art book, on the right side, the strategy guide.

Here's what you can expect if you pick up the strategy guide. While I'm not sure if the regular version of the guide looks the same, it's probably a safe bet.

Now let's take a look inside that art book, shall we? It's actually really nice.


So there you have it gang, the contents of both collector's edition Gears of War items laid out for your perusal. Thanks for watching and get back to the fight!


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