Here's what you need to know about this wonderful little site that I call home...

This site is entirely based on the personal opinions of the editorial staff, internet reports, conjecture, rumors, and blatant idiocy. In no way should any report, news item, picture or description on this site ever be taken as 100 percent factual. To put it simply, if you think the 10 minutes of research I may do into a specific subject is enough for you to take something as reported at face value, you need to get your head examined.

As implied by the statement above, information on this website can, and probably will, contain numerous inaccuracies and as such should never be used to make any kind of an informed decision on a subject. Seriously. The nature of news on the internet and the business of reporting on rumors, ommissions and, let's call it what it is, wild-ass guessing should never be mistaken as 100 percent accurate. While all attempts are made to report things as accurately as we can, things are always going to get missed or misunderstood in the shuffle.

In short, take everything on this site as what it is - news being reported by someone who is a fan of the video game industry, but who has no connections to the game industry or related businesses.

If you've seen something you feel is inaccurate or misinterperated, feel free to drop us a line at nylatenite@yahoo.com to let us know the truth of the matter. Thank you.



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