Microsoft E3 2006 Pre-Show Press Conference

Overall, it was a pretty solid conference for Microsoft. They highlighted their successes with the 360 and indicated the direction they plan to take both with their consoles and the PC industry over the coming year.


One thing I definitely took away from the conference is that it seems like Microsoft plans to become much more involved in the realm of Windows software, as shown with both the "Games for Windows" rebranding and Live Anywhere. I would almost go so far as to say they want to take it to the point of making the PC another MS branded console.


Moore does an excellent job as a front man and seemed well rehearsed in what he wanted to present. He kept the conference moving and, with the exception of the word "unified" never seemed to be beating a dead horse to make his point.


That's not to say it was a prefect conference though. I found the over-use of CGI trailers annoying, as CGI really tells us nothing other than what "feel" the developer is looking to create in a game. Further, as was widely reported, Gates didn't exactly thrill the crowd during his part of the presentation. He may be a brilliant businessman, but he’s no public speaker, and the momentum of the whole presentation takes a downward turn as his speech goes on.

Finally, I was a bit dissapointed in both the lack of any news on the first Xbox and the complete absence of any information regarding future backwards compatibility updates. With the way BC has been treated on the 360, they really shouldn't have promised anything other than the intial titles they set up to work at launch. I'm still holding out hope that ESPN NFL 2K5 will be added to that list someday, but at this point I'm thinking the odds of any new games every being added are not good.

That said, let's get on with the breakdown of the conference. For reference, notes surrounded by < >  indicate my personal thoughts on a topic.



To wrap it all up, I’ve got to say this yet again – I NEED GEARS OF WAR. NOW.


Article credit: G.P. "NYLatenite" Fornasiero